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Spreading love and kindness

We might be a small grassroots nonprofit but we have mighty hearts! Project by project, we hope to let others know that we see them, we love them and we pray for them. Our gifts are meant to bring a smile to their face and to let them know that they are never alone.



We make heart shape mastectomy pillows that are donated to Breast Cancer Centers. These pillows are used to relieve pressure, help position body parts, and provide comfort after breast surgery. We also assemble gift bags for those receiving chemotherapy.



Our Senior Smile Bags are given to homebound seniors and those in care facilities. We hope they bring a smile to their faces knowing that others are thinking of them!



We assemble Welcome Bags for Fostering Children entering a new Foster Placement. While we change the sad circumstances that the children have already experienced, we can give them a tangible source of comfort at a time when they are anxious and in an unknown environment. Each box or backpack contains a coloring book, drawing paper or journal, art supply such as crayons or markers. two non-perishable pre-packaged snacks, toothbrush and paste, flashlight with batteries, Nightlight in addition to at least 5 other customized items to the Childs age.



Michelle's Mission of Love was formed in the spirit of making people feel seen and loved. We like to say we are a Group that performs "Not So" Random Acts of Kindness!

To that means, we are kicking off a new ongoing project in February to go along with Random Acts of Kindness week, called

#youhavebeenmicheled and we hope you will join in. You don't even have to be local to participate. Let's have fun and see how much collective Kindness we can share!!!

Here's how to get started...

Step 1: Download (from the file section above) and print our #youhavebeenmicheled gift tag.

Step 2: Attach the card to your Act of Kindness gift. This could be anything you want to give someone. Some examples:

attach it to a meal delivery that you do for a new family with a baby or an elderly neighbor.

attach it to a treat, cookie, cupcake bag and pass out to your favorite retail workers.

attach to a cup of Starbucks or a panera bagel and deliver to your hairdresser, dr office or school staff.

hand it to the drive thru staff and ask them to give it to the car behind you when you pay for that persons items. The list goes on and on...

Step 3: Take a photo of the person with their gift (with their permission of course) or take a photo of what you are gifting and share on a post to our Facebook Group Page or Instagram page. Be sure to add the #youhavebeenmicheled hashtag. Then when people see our social media or search #youhavebeenmicheled in the search bar, all of our Intentional Acts of Kindness posts will be together on one page.

We hope this project will help build excitement and encourage others to do acts of kindness all year long. It only takes a few minutes and a few dollars to help make someone feel appreciated and loved.

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